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True Believers


Narval // True Believers


» UN SOPHISME «: Fundamentally flawed reasoning based on a pun, a seductive but false argument, to induce the interlocutor error.

This short film was made by Maxime Bobet ( la-meche.tumblr.com ), footage was shot at the » Sanctuaire de La Salette «, in » La Rabatelière » (France). Surfing occurred in » Les Pays de Loire «(France).

*Sanctuaire de La Salette: The sanctuary was built in 1887 on the initiative of The Abbot Hillairet. It’s a religious complex dedicated to Our Lady of La Salette.
The concept of this video mixing a surfer (Maxime Bobet) & a girl ( Clémence Giraud Intagram: @clemgrd_ ) revolved around the anguish of loneliness, influencing depression, mixing events occurring between them.
Photos taken by Stefan Deyn ( instagram:@stefandeyn ). You can find more on stefandeyn.tumblr.com & la-meche.tumblr.com .
All surf footage shot by Jade Nélis ( mercedriver-boutique.fr/fr/ ) & Pralhad Dru.
Sanctuary shot by Maxime Bobet ( @lamechev ).

– Rsdio-Tri Repetae » autechre »
– Mr OIZO » 11 MOTO44 (crashed) »
– Eric Wareheim » HAM »